CNC Milling

HMT's CNC Milling service

Our tool making facility uses the latest CNC milling machines. This advanced machinery enables us to produce micron-accurate press, injection, blow or diecasting tools, giving you quality parts and better repeatability.

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Here's Why HMT Can Provide a Quality CNC Milling Service

Our current CNC milling machines are all under two years old and operate at some of the highest spindle speeds currently available – 15,000rpm. They also have 0.4mm milling cutters which allow for greater accuracy in cutting. Only deep ribs with square corners need to be spark eroded now, drastically reducing the amount of time it takes to cut and finish a tool.

Our advanced CNC milling machines coupled with our advanced 3D CAD design software these machines are able to work even faster, allowing us to produce tools weighing as much as 3 tonnes to the maximum accuracy in the minimum amount of time.

Our state of the art software and machinery in the hands of our skilled designers and engineers makes HMT hard to beat on quality, time or cost.