Expert Design Assistance in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

What Do you Need?

Whether you are looking for a full design service, design optimisation or just some advice, HMT is here to help. We have extensive experience of dealing with the plastic injection mould industry and designing products for a wide range of markets from drinking bottles, components for motorway signs to point of purchase displays.

Initial sketch concept can be fully engineered and project managed from concept to successful production. We can hit the ground running at any stage of the design process and work with you to design the best tool for the job.

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Further Information

Simply call 01440 704520 or complete the online form to arrange a visit to our machine shop to speak to one of our experts.

Here’s Why HMT can Offer Invaluable Design Assistance

We operate 3 seats of high end Design and Machining CAD/ CAM software, including Edgecam or Cirratron. HMT offer FREE design/ advice to all our customers. Our vast experience and high tech design programmes enable us to guarantee to get your project right, large or small, 1st time every time.

Here at HMT, our experienced team of designers can help you turn your idea into reality. We seldom manufacture an item straight from the customer CAD files. Usually we are involved in the design process at some stage; either ‘tweaking’ existing designs for maximum benefit or more usually, designing them from scratch. We are happy and able to meet your individual project requirements.

Our software enables us to import/ export design data in over 20 different formats. This ensures data transfer of existing design programmes is both simple and accurate. HMT’s design and planning ensures efficiency, reducing your costs and deliveries. With our testing and prototyping interface systems, prototype models can be available in days not weeks.

Our design process utilises the latest CAD (Computer Assisted Design) / CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) allowing us to rigorously test and verify designs before we even start to make your tool.

CAD is a very accurate and robust design tool. It can compute solutions to complex problems like stress analysis, shear analysis, thermal analysis and fluid flow analysis. It offers our design experts a way to study and evaluate a design to arrive at a close-to-perfect design.

CAM refers to the use of a computer system for the control of robotics and tools during the product manufacture. At HMT our CAM system works with the CAD design in a 3D environment.

We will work closely with you through each stage of the design process providing you with the frequent proofs, advice and information. At HMT we can provide 3D images showing what the finished design will look like, help you and your colleagues to visualise the finished result. 3D images of the final design can also be useful for marketing purposes, allowing you to start selling the product alongside the production process.

At HMT Mould and Tooling we offer an overhaul / repair service for existing tools to improve on accuracy or correct errors. On several occasions we have been required to rework substandard tools manufactured abroad.

With years of experience we know how important it is to produce designs that really work. At HMT we pay special care and attention to each and every project, no matter how big or small and promise to provide the perfect solution everytime.