Blow Moulding in Peterborough

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At HMT we can provide bottles, vessels and technical blow mould tooling. We specialize in the high precision of injection moulds for unscrewing items or livern hinges.

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Here's How HMT can Meet all Your Blow Moulding Manufacturing Needs

Blow Moulding is used for the production of hollow objects that can be produced in large quantities. The process is ideal for both small and large mouthed containers. This process enables the production of fully finished products with no flash.

At HMT we can offer some of the most advanced facilities, with the ability to mould virtually any product in any quantity.

The Process

Blow moulding is a process by which hollow plastic parts are formed, such as plastic drinking bottles, venting ducts and watering cans. The process involves melting down the plastic and forming it into a parison. This is a tube like piece with a hole in one end in which compressed air can be passed through. The parison can then be clamped into the mould and air is pumped into it. The carefully regulated air pressure then pushes the plastic to the shape of the mould. Once cooled and hardened the part is ejected. A blow-moulding machine uses advanced parison suction technology to economically produce elongated and curved 3D shapes, flash free from high temperature engineering resins.

HMT can offer plastic injection mould tools for intricate hinged or screw-top lids we can use hot runner systems with full diagnostic capability so we can ensure these components will be robustly designed to the most efficient materials, time and cost specifications. We can have your items delivered to your door a matter of days after completion, or if space is at a premium on your premises, we can store some items here, temporarily, if required.

We can offer you a one stop facility for all your needs, from concept design through to full production, tooling, repair and refurbishment to ensure your products are always first class. When you need fast, efficient, high quality hollow prototypes HMT can provide a moulding and tooling service to meet your requirements.