Finishing Process

Matt to Mirror, Get the Finish You Require

At HMT, by investing in modern machinery and software we are able to keep finishing requirements to a minimum and yet attain some of the highest standards in the business.

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Here’s How HMT Achieve the Perfect Finish

On average we are able to finish a plastic injection mould tool in a quarter or a third of the time it would take our competitors because our software allows us to cut with greater precision. We can stipulate to a smoother finish which utilises a system which saves on polishing and reduces finishing time, but does not compromise on the finish. We have reduced polishing time from 4 days to one day.

Many of our customers require tolerances of hundredths or thousandths of a millimetre and for this a pristine surface is essential. In particular, for items such as the reflective surfaces on vehicle light cluster covers, surfaces must be smooth and exact. We have facilities to leave these polished or etched for a matt finish.

Our high degree of accuracy in our tool making allows more cutting in out CNC mills and finish the cavity using vertical EDM producing features such as sharp internal corners with an overall high quality finish.

We have the latest Charmilles CNC spark erosion machines, these machines work to 0.005mm tolerance and are extremely fast and reliable. The machines provide the best quality spark erosion process available and can achieve a mirror finish.

We apply the same rigorous quality standards to our finishing as we do to every other step of the manufacturing process. Goods are tested and checked before dispatch to ensure we have achieved optimum quality levels.

Our reputation in plasic injection mould and toolmaking is built on our experience, high standards of customer service and close attention to detail. In other words, it is built on quality. The only way to maintain a reputation for quality is to live up to it. That’s what we do. That’s why Haverhill Mould and Tool continues to expand while many UK moulding companies are going out of business. That’s why you know you can rely on HMT for quality finishing.