Design Prototyping

Your ideas turned into reality

Even if you have nothing more than an idea we can help you design your product and the tool you will need to manufacture it. A poorly designed tool can waste time and resources in the manufacturing process and deliver a weak or low quality product. Design prototyping can eliminate these problems.

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Here’s How Design Prototyping Can Be a Benefit

Prototyping is a design method to help reduce any unanticipated problems with your design idea enables production techniques to be modified, such as testing mould flow analysis and can test strength, materials and finish.

Prototyping gives the ability to virtually explore a complete product before it is even built. Our experience means we have worked on a large number of successful design projects, taking the initial concept through to production of injected mould parts or assembly form single parts to suites of parts.

Our CAD 3D design software allows us to carry out the highest levels of design verification and assessment before cutting begins so you can be sure that the design prototype is right. We can also make screenshots of how the finished item is likely to look which you can use for marketing purposes or to show to backers and VCs.

Once you have approved the prototype, we are able to export the design to many other CAD software packages if you wish to have the tool manufactured overseas.


  • Concept prototypes sometime necessary to prove an idea works.
  • A prototype can instantly convey an idea that can be hard to describe
  • Design Prototypes can be valuable marketing tools
  • Rapid prototyping can be very quick

All possible anticipated and unanticipated problems cn be tested and resolved before they have even arisen, which will reduce down time and therefore cost during production.

You can rely on HMT to give you practical no-nonsense advice throughout the design process, you can rely on our experience and knowledge and you can rely on our final design to do the job.